The Snow Glossary

Words. Words. Words. Definitions. Definitions. Definitions.

Without an understanding of the who, the what, and the where of it all how can we ever understand the why? To make it all easier on myself, my current beta readers, and my future audience, I think it best to keep a record of the many words that will be frequently used in my book(s) whose definitions and meanings might be slightly different than what you’d find in Webster’s Dictionary!


Dendritous System – 6 pointed star comprised of Sub-Hov units. Each Continent contains multiple Dendritous Systems as needed to house their respective populations. But only one in each contains a Core that powers all the others. Each of the 7 Cores are connected wirelessly to each other. If one power source collapses they all collapse.

Circle of Penitentes – where the crazies and criminals are kept at the very tip of each Dendritous Zone. Similar to a prison.

Black Frost Zone – known as the “Killing Frost” it’s located on the outskirts where many have attempted to travel to get to some answers but none have ever survived.

Nivation School – all Neve are required to attend this school to determine which two vocations they will be permanently assigned to: Fencer or Ablator


Dendrous – made up of 7 people, one representative from each of the continents on the globe.

Neve – term used for those under 21 years of age attending schooling

The Firn – select few who are over 21 and in a place of authority.

Snirt – labor workers under Fencers and Ablators. Can never leave their designated Dendritous System.

Penite – crazies and criminals.

Ablators – firemen assigned to start fires in order to melt the constant snowfall.

Fencers – fence builders meant to keep the snow off designated paths above ground as best as possible.

Sequator – those who are beyond the age of 55 are forced into retirement.

The Hoar – enemy (use snow to get what they want) who are rumored to be living beyond the Black Frost.

SnoTel – (Snow Telemetry) group of scientists/researchers charged with determining the cause of the constant snowfall and how to reverse its effects. Not a position unlike that of a Snirt.


Ablation Era (AE) – 3 year cycle increments. Chronos time was abandoned during the time of The Great Blizzard. There was a time of total darkness when it was decided to follow a new way of keeping time (kairos). Jeremiah was born onĀ  3 AE and he’s almost 16 now, making it 7 AE.

SubHov – underground housing units divided into various stations.

The Dendrite – train system that was built underground by the Ablators and makes stops within the Dendritous Zones.

Disdrometer – snow measurement tool.