The Players

Here is a list of all important characters in all of the books, separated by book number (titles TBD). They are all (except Jeremiah) subject to change at any time before completion.

Main Character: Jeremiah (m | 16)

Book One

Liberty Vale (f | 18) Close friend of Jeremiah’s who owns and works at Liberty Diner. The diner was left to her by her mother and this was able to happen because Liberty was diagnosed as a child with dyslexia.

Dyslexia is a learning disorder characterized by difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words.

Jude “Stilts” Washington (m | 16) Jeremiah’s best friend. He is called “Stilts” because of his height. He became Jeremiah’s best friend because when they both entered Nivation School together, he would protect Jeremiah from bullies. Unfortunately, because of his height and obvious strength abilities, Stilts was advanced into becoming an Ablator at the age of 15. It was later believed that he died during a freak accident that took place near the Black Frost Zone.

Sarah (f | 38) Jeremiah’s mother encourages him to go to school and believes he’ll succeed just like his father. She refuses to talk about his father or what life was like above ground. Four years into the snow starting and refusing to cease she got pregnant and it was time to decide what to do. She chose to go underground while her husband decided not to. As far as she knows, he was among those who stayed above ground and did not survive.

Mayor Hill (m | 40’s)

Beatrice “Bea” Hill (f | 16) The Mayor’s daughter.

Old Man Stone (m | 60’s) Jeremiah’s other best friend. Because of his age, he is now a sequator, and spends most of his time either at Liberty’s Diner or the library. He met Jeremiah while at the library. They became instant friends. It is Old Man Stone that convinces Jeremiah that he can and should go to Nivation School. Old Man Stone’s wife, and former girlfriend of the Mayor, convinces him to allow Jeremiah to attend school. Old Man Stone is the only person who will talk about what life was like above ground.

Old Lady Stone (f | 60’s) Married to Old Man Stone. She hates being underground and will only talk about her life when she was above ground; a socialite who liked “to go out with the girls drinking and gossiping.” All her friends left when the snow started, thinking they could outrun it. So when her and her husband moved underground all of her friends were gone. It’s now just her, her husband, and her alcohol. She’s very depressed and takes it out on whoever is near her.

Braden Kane (m | 28) Twin Irish Brother who works as an Ablator.

Brogan Kane (m | 28) Twin Irish Brother who works as a Fencer.

Declan (m | 18) Escaped convict from the Circle of Penitentes.

Talen (m | 24) Gang leader who resides in the New York (DTS) Dendrive Train System.

Book Two

Monroe (f | 12) Unwitting captor of “the enemy” in the Black Frost Zone.

Book Three

Echo (f | 16)

Book Four

Feather (f | 8)

Book Five

Dendry (m | 50’s) Inventor of the Dendritous System who disappeared before his work was completed.