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do not own an e-reader nor do I have an Amazon Prime Membership. I know E-Readers have become a handy & speedy way of passing on novels to be read. And while I’m sure I’ll be missing out on opportunities to review books because I don’t own an e-reader I prefer a physical book rather than an electronic device. I hold this preference for two reasons: First, my sight & Second, my admiration for seeing a book on my shelf. Therefore, I will only review books mailed to me in paper form (hardcover or softcover), NO exceptions!

I am willing to review any books in the following genre(s):

    • fiction (comedy/drama/mystery/thriller)
    • non-fiction (history)
    • Young Adult (dystopian/series/trilogy)
    • classic
    • historical fiction
    • biography or auto-biography

There are other genres which tend to be popular, such as science-fiction, that I don’t care for. Doesn’t mean I won’t try it once. Just be aware the book COULD end up on my DNF (Did Not Finish) list.

If you’ve read this far it means you have a book suggestion for me? There is currently only 1 way to reach out to me about a book:

NYC BookWorm Review Form

Ratings Table*

1Star Awful! Did Not Finish!

2Star Bad! Wouldn’t recommend!

3Star Ok! Might recommend!

4Star Great! Highly recommend!

5Star Excellent! Life changing!


Complete list of ALL my reviewed books can be found here.
*I reserve the right not to accept or finish a book if, in my opinion, it is not to my liking. Also, a more extensive Ratings Table will be unveiled this Fall 2013 with regards to how I conduct my book reviews.