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Jun 10 2016

Read of the Town | An Author’s Odyssey

Every year, pretty consistently, Chris Colfer has released a new book in his very popular series, The Land of Stories. It’s mostly popular among the crowd that is (admittedly) half my age, but I don’t care, I love it and think, as twists on fairytales go, it’s pretty freaking great. I find most fairytale twists, …

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May 05 2016

Read of the Town | End of Watch

First there was Mr. Mercedes with its creepy cover of blood rain falling on an open umbrella and the mysterious sticker of a smiley face on the handle. Then Finders Keepers, with the same rain of blood, only this time on an open book (perhaps a journal). Now the Bill Hodges Trilogy comes to a …

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Aug 17 2015

Read of the Town: X by Sue Grafton

Are you familiar at all with the Alphabet Series written by Sue Grafton? I’m familiar with them because one year (over a decade ago) for Christmas my grandmother presented me with books A through P! I’m a book lover mostly because of my mom, but my grandmother had a hand in my love of reading …

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Jul 18 2015

Read of the Town: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

When the news first broke about the sequel to Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning To Kill a Mockingbird would be published 55 years later, the world, and rightfully so, got excited. It has now been four days since its release and I’m sure many have read it. Myself included. I read it in just two …

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Jun 01 2015

Read of the Town: Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs

I just L-O-V-E the Ransom Riggs Peculiar Children books! The 3rd in a series, which I believe will end with the 4th book some time next year, has an amazing cover. Ransom has already said this is his most favorite cover and I’d have to agree! My guess as to why would be because the …

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Apr 25 2015

Read of the Town: Beyond the Kingdoms (TLoS #4) by Chris Colfer

I am so excited about this next installment of The Land of Stories! You have NO idea! I’ve been waiting for the cover to be revealed even more than knowing it’s coming out this July! But what’s even better is this series will be 5 books long! I’m a little sad that next Summer will …

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Jan 31 2015

Read of the Town: The Girl on the Train

I think this book will easily be (if it isn’t already) the “must-read” book to kick off the 2015 year. It’s a bit too early to call it the must read book of the entire year, but you never know? I saw this book come up on just about every TBR list for 2015 of …

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Jan 07 2015

Read of the Town: Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard

I’m a bit late about this book and it seems EVERYONE (at least in the growing YA world) is talking about it. I’ve actually found it very difficult to avoid reviews already written about this book by those in the blogging world who’ve received ARC’s and read it through in a matter of days! Don’t …

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