A Sterling Addams Mystery

My very first foray into the murky waters of NaNoWriMo was with a character I created years ago but hadn’t the drive to really implement it. I’m forever grateful to my first 30 days of triumph (as well as despair and urgency) because I learned so much about myself.

Through Sterling Addams and the NaNoWriMo vehicle I learned that I could indeed write a novel from beginning to end. Granted it’s pretty rough and some day I may go back and fine tune it. Emphasis on “some day” however…

In the meantime, I do plan on continuing to grow my character through a series of books that I will craft more intricately as I write each book. The first was just to see if I could do it. Now that I know I can there should be nothing holding me back.

Here is where I will post updates on my progress with this series as well as relevant links if I should write a post specific to this series, especially around the month of November.

I’ll also keep track of character profiles, title ideas, book cover sketches, and synopses of each book here!