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Beta Readers

I’m working on a 5-7 book series and I need readers of the YA (Young Adult) / NA (New Age) / AF (Adult Fiction) variety. This could be you!

This is my first time putting together a team of Beta Readers so bear with me as I’ll be refining the process as I go along.

What I need:

1. Quick turn around time.

2. At least 2 – 3 readers who can be helpful in specific areas of the novel:

Grammar (tense & spelling)

Language (descriptions & dialog)

Target Audience (teenager to adult)

The Process:

1. Two to three Chapters will be provided as a Word attachment w/ability to provide corrections/feedback as required.

2. A 7 day TAT (turn-around-time) is ideal.


Want to be a Beta Reader? Answer one of the following questions based on your interest:

If your interests are in Grammar or Language answer the following question in 10 sentences or less: Who is your favorite author and why?

If you’re interested (or know someone who might be) in making sure I stay grounded to my Target Audience answer the following question in 5 sentences or less: What is your favorite YA or NA novel (stand-alone, trilogy or series) and why?

Please send your answer to erica.drayton@gmail.com and be sure to state what kind of Beta-Reader (ie Grammar or Target Audience) you’d like to be in the Subject Heading. Example Subject Header submission: Beta Reader / Target Audience

Only serious inquiries please!