Jun 03 2016

My Novel (An Update)

Much has happened with regards to my writing. More good than bad. For starters, I think I have FINALLY come to an end with adding to and amending my baseline story idea. This is the biggest piece of news I can share because for the last 2+ years I’ve been changing the story (in many drastic ways) at least every 6-8 months! What was driving me nuts was not my changes but how they were all so good I couldn’t resist making the change.

This caused a LONG and drawn out delay in actually feeling like I was in a good place to start writing. All I was truly able to accomplish was the prologue. This has remained a constant since I had decided a while ago this would be a series that was being told to someone by the main character. So right off the bat I had the POV (MC) decided and the tense (past) decided as well. I’ve thought about changing it but every time I do or I read a book that has a different POV other than the MC or is written in present tense I don’t think my idea would work if I did it those ways.

Some of you know the early remnants of my idea and if you do throw it out of your mind because where I was 2 years ago is not where I am today. For starters, I’m no longer looking at a trilogy. I’ve added and changed so much that to tell all I have to tell in less than 5 books wouldn’t work. I’ve also made it much for “sci-fi and dystopian” instead of “true-to-life” which is what I was trying very hard to do. I realized I had much more freedom of movement if I stopped trying to make my story seem believable and just tell the story I want to tell.

So, with all that said, here is a pretty rough first draft of the synopsis of the first (and second) book in a 5-7 book series. My next step is to outline the heck out of this! My outline will remain MEO (my eyes only) but I hope to have some chapter excerpts to share in the coming weeks. 

My main reason for sharing all of this with you is because I will be looking for beta readers soon. I’ll have a post up with what type of readers I’m looking for once I’ve had a significant amount of chapters written.

Synopsis for The Book of Snow (Series) | Rough Draft as of 5/30/16

The entire world population is forced underground due to a constant snowfall that no one has been able to explain or figure out how to stop. This time in history is called the Ablation Era (AE).

The story begins with Jeremiah, sixteen-years-old, about to complete the two most grueling years of Nivation school. It’s a ten year program created to determine what field each student will enter into for work in order to maintain humanities survival underground. Like his peers, Jeremiah learned the fundamentals (reading, writing and arithmetic) from his mother before he entered Nivation at the age of eight. Unlike everyone else, Jeremiah has had to work harder because he is blind. This leaves him at, what his classmates believed to be, a disadvantage. However, as it’s getting closer to getting their assignments and Jeremiah is near the top of his class, they realize he is the competition they have to take out by any means necessary.

Usually, people with disabilities are not required to go to Nivation, let alone get assigned to one of the more coveted positions within each Dendritous System. If not for his mother, Sara, and his mentor, Old Man Stone, pushing him into thinking he could follow in his father’s footsteps, he probably would not have made it this far. His father was an Ablator (fire-starter) when a tragic accident took his life. Now he wants to become one, in a class of peers where 75% will be doomed to being a Snirt (slave labor workers who are destined to forever remain in this job) and the rest battle for the remaining slots of either a Fencer (build above ground structures in order for Ablators and Firns to get where they need to go) or an Ablator.

The competition is stiff. Many will lose their life. Especially in the last two years, where each student is provided a map and a Nivation-issued bag to carry whatever they may think they’ll need in order to complete the mission that will forever determine their fate. They must make it into the Black Frost Zone (also known as “the killing forest”) and bring back an item that belongs to the Hoar, a group of rumored nomads who refused to be forced underground with everyone else. They’ve taken over a part of the globe that no one nation has been able to infiltrate. But the leaders of each of the seven Dendritous Systems believe that together they can do their part by sending hundreds of young, able-bodied, students into the Frost at the same time, hoping one of the survivors will come back with an answer on how to defeat the Hoar, or at least learn how they are able to survive above ground.

Jeremiah believes he can take on this mission, even though he’s blind, and therefore cannot see the map provided to him so he must rely on his instincts, his great hearing ability, and friends he makes along the way, to survive. Little does he know he will not only survive his mission, but he’ll discover the answer everyone wants to know. The question is, what will he do with the answer, and will his competition make it back home to do the right thing?