Aug 31 2015

A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore | Book Review

A Dirty JobRating: ★★★★

Review: I discovered Christopher Moore several years ago when I read Lamb and laughed till I was in tears! Ever since then I quickly became a fan of his writing and when the Harry Potter series came to an end I turned to his humor as a way to get back into reading again. Like many I felt I would never find anything as great as what JK had given us. And when my many friends came to me feeling the same slump and despair, I recommended they pick up ANY Christopher Moore book and directed them to thank me later!

When I heard he was working on releasing a sequel to A Dirty Job soon and I hadn’t read it yet I quickly picked it up. I happen to not only own every book Christopher Moore has ever written but I had the pleasure of meeting him at a book signing for Sacre Bleu where he signed every copy of his book that I had! He’s freaking awesome and I love the characters he creates in his many books.

This story centers around Death Merchants. As described in the book they are sorta like Santa’s Helpers, but for Death (with a capital “D”). Only, in this instance the big kahuna apparently doesn’t exist anymore, hence the need for these helpers, who are mortal human beings (Beta Males although there are female Death Merchants as well) to collect souls of those who die and pass them on to someone else. Definitely not the bad guys.

That’s not to say there aren’t any bad creatures though. Where Death is involved of course there are bad creepy crawly things lurking about trying to take over the world. Here they are called Morrigan. A trio of weird shape shifting females hell bent on destroying Death Merchants and using the many souls they’ve collected to make themselves all powerful.

In the meantime, Charlie Asher, the main character, having just lost his wife after she gives birth to Sophie, becomes a Death Merchant because he is able to see the person who takes her soul at the moment of her death. His daughter is great and so is everyone else, but I think the best would have to be the two women who live in his building and babysit for him while he manages his secondhand shop and retrieves souls.

This is a serious, yet at times funny, and deeply moving novel. I’m glad I rushed to read it and I look forward to reading the sequel that just came out, Secondhand Souls.

Synopsis: Charlie Asher is a pretty normal guy with a normal life, married to a bright and pretty woman who actually loves him for his normalcy. They’re even about to have their first child. Yes, Charlie’s doing okay—until people start dropping dead around him, and everywhere he goes a dark presence whispers to him from under the streets. Charlie Asher, it seems, has been recruited for a new position: as Death.

It’s a dirty job. But, hey! Somebody’s gotta do it.


A Dirty Job
by Christopher Moore

387 pages
William Morrow, 2006
Fantasy / Humor
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