Jul 18 2015

Read of the Town: Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee

When the news first broke about the sequel to Harper Lee’s Pulitzer Prize winning To Kill a Mockingbird would be published 55 years later, the world, and rightfully so, got excited. It has now been four days since its release and I’m sure many have read it. Myself included. I read it in just two days. Yes, it was that good. My review, however, is still pending (because of the “controversy” surrounding it)…


What I want to discuss here, like I usually do, with a book prior to its release, is just how much it’s being discussed, whether in the book blogging world or in the MSM as well. This book, as I predicted, is, and probably will end up being, the most highly anticipated book since the seventh (and last) Harry Potter book. I know I was willing to stand in line for 5+ hours till Harry’s Midnight release! Barnes & Noble, this time around, did not have any midnight release events for Go Set a Watchman. Instead they opted to open all stores at 7am, which for most stores was either 2-3 hours earlier than usual. They also had a promotion at all locations: the first 20 customers would receive their To Kill a Mockingbird tote bag (valued at $1.99)


I didn’t find out about the early store opening and had already planned on getting to work late because my favorite Barnes & Noble location (I live in NYC where there are several locations to choose from) opens at 9am normally. I found out about the early opening at exactly 6:45am the day of the release (this past Tuesday) and promptly rushed to get dressed and get there. I figured there wouldn’t be teeming crowds when I got there. At least not at the location I prefer. I’m sure Union Square probably had many people lined up outside hours before 7am. I was the 18th customer at the location I chose to visit (ask me to find out which I prefer in NYC) so I came away with not only the book and the tote, but I also purchased a copy of To Kill a Mockingbird. Reason? Well, see for yourself…

IMG_1984 IMG_1985

Yes, the copy I have in my possession, inherited from my grandmother, happens to be a First Edition. I admit I was unaware of this when I read it for the first time two years ago. But now that I do know I’d rather place it elsewhere (along with my other valuable First Editions), therefore I purchased a copy that I keep together with Go Set a Watchman. That is, until the Special Edition Boxed Set is released where I assume both copies will be of the same dimensions! This is the one and only thing I don’t like about Go Set a Watchman, that it does not mimic the dimensions of To Kill a Mockingbird. I wonder if that was intentional?

I won’t reveal anything about the book, instead I’ll leave that for my actual review. All I really want to do is find out if any of the readers of my blog will be buying the book (if you haven’t already) or if you’re waiting to get reviews from average book bloggers rather than critics from the MSM?