Apr 25 2015

Read of the Town: Beyond the Kingdoms (TLoS #4) by Chris Colfer

I am so excited about this next installment of The Land of Stories! You have NO idea! I’ve been waiting for the cover to be revealed even more than knowing it’s coming out this July! But what’s even better is this series will be 5 books long! I’m a little sad that next Summer will be the last book for this series, but Chris Colfer is such an amazing writer I look forward to whatever he plans on writing in the future. I enjoy reading books that take a classic fairytale and puts a spin on it. It takes a true talent to be able to do that. And Chris has gone above and beyond the average author taking just one fairytale and spinning it. He’s taken SEVERAL and gone to town! And after having devoured the last three books within days of their release I’ve never looked back!

TLoS Beyond the KingdomsThe cover (which I’m going to forgo doing a separate Cover Critique for and just do it here) is what has me even MORE excited because it gives HUGE hints as to not only the world Conner and Alex will be visiting in this books, but which characters they’ll be encountering along the way! From the cover I can see (from bottom left and going all the way around): Merlin, Hook, Pan, Robin Hood, The Queen of Hearts, The Rabbit, (in the center) The Flying Monkeys, and the Tin Man! Oh yeah, this one is going to be a while ride for sure!

Have you read the first 3? What do you think of Chris Colfer taking on this new outlet of writing?

  • StephieStrain

    I very much enjoy the Land of Stories series and have loved seeing the initial promise shown by the author’s writing bloom.

    I’ve been drawn in and thrilled by the series, especially the 2nd and 3rd installments, The Enchantress Returns and A Grimm Warning. I could NOT put these novels down. Colfer’s humor and evocative writing (shown to wonderful effect in A Grimm Warning) stays fresh and his writing style and technique seem to develop at an exponential rate!

    Colfer’s debut novel, A Wishing Spell, was a tad rough in style and technique, but very engaging and showed a great deal of potential. Potential, I’m happy to say, that is greater with every installment. For those who read A Wishing Spell and didn’t see the magic being born might want to read further in the series: Neverland wasn’t built in a day!